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Custom Inflatables

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2233 W. Balboa Blvd., Suite 104-125
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Custom Inflatables
A unique way of advertising your products with instant brand awareness that appeals to the masses! Custom Inflatables specializes in developing inflatable product replicas that promote and deliver point of purchase sales with innovative advertising. We can produce just about anything you need for your next tradeshow or outdoor event. From inflatable kiosks and booths with your product incorporated to standard product replicas of your exact item. Our unique advertising replicas are a proven and effective marketing tool for your company.

For indoor and outdoor events we have you covered! It doesn't matter what type of business or event you have, businesses such as retail outlets, business owners, sports teams, colleges, schools, real estate professionals, radio stations, event promoters, military and government agencies, financial institutions, travel and transportation, carnivals, fairs, and marketing firms are just a few examples of who uses Custom Inflatables.

Choose from many inflatable replicas that include exciting shapes and figures to your specifications including arches, custom interactive games, hot air balloons, inflatable tents, trade show booths, cash machines and inflatable costumes that will get brand and service recognition instantly. Get away from standard types of advertising with fun 3D creations. Our company works with some of the largest product and service companies in the world today.

Custom Inflatables are an excellent medium for drawing attention to a brand and a location. Inflatables allow the customer to retain a lasting impression of your company and/or product/service. The most effectively targeted advertising you can do is to those customers who are already at your location, in the form of drive-by traffic. Custom Inflatables are extremely durable, and can last for many years, providing an excellent return for your promotional dollar. Inflatables are one of the most cost effective and unique advertising/promotional mediums currently available.

Visit our website: www.inflatablepros.com/who-uses.aspx
Custom Inflatables | 2233 W. Balboa Blvd., Suite 104-125 Newport Beach, CA 92663 USA | 888x-733x-7780
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