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Tellme Scenic Solutions LLC,

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11101 E 53rd Ave Suite D
Denver, CO 80239
Tellme Scenic Solutions LLC,
" Whatever The Mind Can Imagine"
Tellme Scenic Solutions is a full service scenic house. We offer full design and detailing for all project, as well as 3D design and layout. All engineering and detailing is done in house so the quality and look is guaranteed. Our on-site supervision is a flat fee for the full day, we won't stop until you and your client are satisfied. Tellme Scenic is in its Sixth year but our history is the same, from design, fabrication and engineering of custom cabinetry for high end residential and commercial many years ago to trade show exhibits, museum exhibits, and staging. We also offer storage and prep for tradeshow exhibits at a reasonable rate you wont see from full exhibit houses. Tellme has set rooms from 50 to 15,000 attendee’s, from thirty feet to four hundred and fifty feet wide. We won't claim to be the biggest house in the states but we will offer you a high quality set within your budget, designed to your needs and carry it out to the end. No questions asked. Challenge us, we welcome a challenge that will take you, your client and our facility to a new level. We say "Whatever the mind can Imagine" and we mean it.

Music / Entertainment

Tailored Sets For Live Entertainment

  • Light weight Scenic truss
  • Lecterns
  • Screen surrounds
  • Columns
  • Drapes
  • Spandex panels
  • Camera Platforms
  • Staging
  • Custom Stairs
  • LED MX Cove Lights
  • 3-D signage and banners
  • Kabuki drops
  • Travelers
  • Turntables
  • Stage Effects
  • Cycs (Leno/Muslin)
  • Scrims
  • Custom Borderless Muslin FP screens
Tellme Scenic Solutions strives to be an environmentally friendly company.
Through various aspects of the company we purchase materials that are not only a quality product but are also reusable. We roll our fabric stock from the larger cyc’s and fabric covering to be reused through the use of a size wise inventory management so all fabrics can be used as many times as is quality driven. Finally we deliver to either schools that can use the smaller panels or use as rags in our own facility for cleaning. Our manufacturing of wooden products has been computer nestled to each 4’ x 8’ sheet of material with the end result having less than a 3% waste. Saw dust is collected and given to automotive businesses in the area for oil dry which helps them maintain a cleaner environment as well. Our use of aluminum and steel in our stage sets and fabrication is also carefully monitored. All sets which will not be re used will be re-inventoried and the raw material is used in future sets and fabrications. Materials not useable are placed into recycle bins and recycled on a monthly basis. Carpeting which is used on all our stages are treated the same as our fabric goods through reusing them on smaller and smaller stages until they are too small. Upon pulling them from our inventory for shows we reuse them for crate lining and we donate as much as possible to schools or other business which can use these pieces. The final stop for many carpet and foam dimensional pieces can be re-purposed as standard carpet pad you would find in your home.

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We have moved to a new location.
Doubling our square footage and increasing our staging floor has given us the capacity to pre set and pre animate larger sets and materials. Limitation once held by space restriction and height are now behind us. With our new capability we can now pre-set up to 200 feet wide and 22 feet high to assure the quality you have come to expect from Tellme Scenic Solutions.
  • 21,000 Square Feet
  • 22 ft high ceiling with available set up to 200 ft wide.
  • High lifts for over head welding and fabrication
  • Easy airport access for visiting clients.
  • Dock high and drive in shipping and receiving
  • Design, Detailing, Engineering, Dark room storage for bleached fabric
  • Energy efficient low volta

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Visit our website: tellmescenic.com/index.html
Tellme Scenic Solutions LLC, | 11101 E 53rd Ave Suite D Denver, CO 80239 USA | 303x-521x-3326
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